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Like any other prescription only drug, you need to use Levitra with respect.

• What is Levitra?
• What should you discuss with your physician?
• Dosage
• What are the main side effects?
Levitra and the problems of heart disease

ED is one of the first symptoms of heart disease. Although Levitra can treat the symptom, it can't treat the cause. So use Levitra alongside the treatment for the cause.


ED and its Prevention
• What is erectile dysfunction?

Fifteen and more years ago, medical researchers tended to talk about impotence as the catch-all word for sexual failures...

• What causes ED?

There are a number of explanations which range from a loss of interest in sex due to depression to serious physical injury...

• Preventive measures

The main strategy is to make lifestyle changes to both diet and activity levels...

Levitra: essential consumer information to read before use

What is Levitra?

There are three PDE5 inhibitor drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Several new options are working their way through the development pipeline but, for now, Levitra is one of the three. It's the most powerful of the three, proving more effective than the others when the physical problems are more challenging. It's also used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, a painful condition caused when the main arteries leading through the chest to the heart are affected by artherosclerosis.

What should you discuss with your physician?

If you have already been diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem, it's essential you check through the drugs you're already taking. Many of them interact adversely with Levitra. In particular, you must avoid mixing any drug containing a nitrate with any of the erectile dysfunction drugs. This can cause a dangerous drop in your blood pressure. You also need advice on the dose if you have kidney or liver disease. Finally, there has been some coverage in the media suggesting a risk of a temporary blindness. At present, there's no scientific evidence linking this with Levitra, but if you have any hereditary eye disorder, you should ask your physician for guidance.


Because this is the most powerful of the three erectile dysfunction drugs, it's particularly important you do not increase the dosage without getting the approval of your regular physician or pharmacist. If you are taking the standard pill, you should allow up to an hour before attempting sexual activity, particularly if you have recently eaten. The new dissolve-in-the-mouth form becomes active more quickly. You should always allow at least 24 hours between each dose.


It's generally unwise to drink anything more than a token amount of alcohol when taking Levitra. Obviously, in a social situation, it can be difficult to avoid drinking something alcoholic if you want to maintain a "normal" behavior pattern. But if you drink in any quantity, it can cause you to become faint. Do not drink grapefruit juice as a soft drink alternative. The natural chemicals in a grapefruit can significantly slow down the absorption of Levitra through your stomach.

What are the main side effects?

The clinical trials and the evidence collected since 2003 shows very few men experience any side effects. The more common are symptoms of the common cold, a headache and stomach discomfort. But if you find yourself with an allergic reaction the first time you take Levitra or more generally find any symptoms growing more severe, treat this as an emergency and go to an ER.

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