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Like any other prescription only drug, you need to use Levitra with respect.

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Levitra and the problems of heart disease

ED is one of the first symptoms of heart disease. Although Levitra can treat the symptom, it can't treat the cause. So use Levitra alongside the treatment for the cause.


ED and its Prevention
• What is erectile dysfunction?

Fifteen and more years ago, medical researchers tended to talk about impotence as the catch-all word for sexual failures...

• What causes ED?

There are a number of explanations which range from a loss of interest in sex due to depression to serious physical injury...

• Preventive measures

The main strategy is to make lifestyle changes to both diet and activity levels...

Levitra and the problems of heart disease

What is the problem with high cholesterol?

Unfortunately, if you eat an unhealthy diet and fail to exercise on a regular basis, you are likely to have a high level of cholesterol. The combination of proteins and cholesterol creates what the doctors call a lipoprotein which travels around the body in the bloodstream. The "bad" cholesterol builds up on the walls of your arteries and makes them hard. The "good" cholesterol is mainly filtered out of the body through the liver. This is the major cause of type II diabetes and heart diseases. The risks are higher if you continue to smoke.

What happens?

As the "bad" cholesterol builds up on the artery walls, your blood pressure will start to rise. If this affects the arteries leading to the heart, there's an increased risk of strokes and a heart attack. The first major symptom will be angina, a serious pain in your chest. The first minor symptom will be erectile dysfunction — arteries are affected all around the body and the penile artery is one of the smallest. We notice its failure because it's needed to form the erection.

What is the treatment?

The American Heart Association does not recommend drug therapy to reach the optimum levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. The best answers to the problem are dieting to produce a real weight loss, i.e. of at least 10% of body weight plus exercise. The risks are higher if your family history shows relatives with similar problems. This may encourage the doctor to prescribe on the the statins to lower the cholesterol in the blood and reabsorb it from the arterial walls. Although such drugs are often effective, there's a real risk of muscle pains, stomach pain and either constipation or diarrhea. If you opt to take the drugs, you should have a liver function test on a regular basis.

How quickly will erections return?

The combination of a healthy diet and exercise usually reverses erectile dysfunction in two to three months. Using Levitra during this period will get the best results. However, the aim should be to maintain the weight loss and exercise regime. Failure to do so will reproduce the erectile dysfunction and raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Incompatible drugs

If you do not take action, there's a real risk you will develop either type II diabetes or heart disease. This will necessitate you taking drugs. Although there's little difficulty with the drugs to control diabetes, many of the drugs used to reduce your blood pressure, control your heart rate and reduce the risk of a heart attack will react adversely with Levitra. If you allow the heart disease to advance, the treatment for the erectile dysfunction will be disrupted. Levitra is not a treatment for cardiovascular disease or diabetes. This should encourage you to control the problems before they become serious.

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